Tangling Together



Take a class!

Jill teaches classes in the New York Metropolitan area, and wherever she may be traveling! Learn more about the classes here

“Loved the class-was so much more than I expected. You have a great way of teaching.” Lori Quinn

And, if you’re not in Jill’s neck of the woods, she teaches over Skype/Zoom to learners around the world!

“Thanks so much Jill for the great Zentangle series! Using Skype was a great way for us in WI to work with you in NY.  Your style and suggestions and the ability to share our progress made the class informative and fun. What a wonderful experience and fantastic use of technology to bring the right teacher into our midst in-spite of distance!” Carol Schlintz

Hold a fundraiser

If you are passionate about a cause and want to host a fundraiser, contact Jill! She often donates her teaching time.