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Original Zentangle Tiles-Square
Each tile is custom die-cut from mould-made, acid-free, 100% cotton, heavy-weight fine artists’ paper with a beautiful vellum surface finish. The cushioned surface welcomes the pen and holds a fine line without bleeding; its texture grips your pencil’s graphite as you blend your shading.
Set of 55 White tiles $29.00
Set of 21 Black tiles $13.00
Set of 21 Tan tiles $13.00




7—7—7 — Zentangle Square Tile Sampler
Sampler collection includes seven square tiles of each color: white, black and Renaissance (tan).



Zentangle Tiles – Pre-Strung
Use these pre-strung tiles as inspiration for additional strings or when you’re stumped for what string to draw. This set includes 18 tiles with pre-drawn strings plus eight blank tiles.



Bijou Tiles
Tin contains approximately 55 2 x 2 inch tiles, a note about Bijou, and a surprise.
White Tiles
Black Tiles $22.00




3Z Pre-Strung Tiles—Pack of 42 White 3Z tiles:
6 each of 6 unique strings and 6 blank tiles.The Zentangle 3Z tile is a 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ equilateral triangle. It is die cut with a deckle edge and rounded corners much like out other tiles. 3Z tiles fit elegantly together as well as alongside out 3.5″ square tiles.



3Z Multi-Pack—A package of 55 blank 3Z tiles
There are 15 Renaissance tiles, 10 Black tiles and 30 white tiles. All tiles are made from the white Fabriano Tiepolo, the black Rives BFK and the Renaissance Rives BFK. All are 100% cotton, archival and mould made paper.



Zendala Set
Mandala meets Zentangle in a wonderfully harmonious union. Round die-cut tiles – Includes 18 pre-strung tiles (2 sets of 9 different strings) and 3 blank tiles, 21 tiles in all.
White $24.95
Black $28.95
Renaissance $28.95




Zendala Bulk Tiles (21 Blank Tiles)
Explore tangling with symmetrical and asymmetrical strings. These tiles emphasize the Zentangle principle of “no up or down, no left or right.”


Zendala Blank Black Tiles (21)
Zendala Blank Renaissance (Tan) Tiles (21)



Opus Tiles
Five 10.5 inch square white tiles celebrating Zentangle’s 10th Anniversary. When you are looking to take your practice big, the Opus tile is for you.


Pens & Pencils


Mini Zentangle Pencil
Soft lead round black pencil
$0.30 each



Pencil Sharpener
German KUM pencil sharpener
$1.49 each



3 Piece Zentangle Pen Set
3 Sakura? Pigma Micron pens in sizes: 01, 01, 05



Sakura Pigma Micron® 01 Black Pen (.25mm)
Sakura Pigma Micron® 01 black pen is the pen of choice for the Zentangle Kit.

Also in Brown-excellent for Renaissance Tiles




Sakura Pigma Micron 005 Black Pen
This black pen is designed to create a very fine .20 mm wide line. It is an excellent choice when creating fine detail tangles.



Sakura Gelly Roll® Pen – White
An archival, white gel ink pen ideal for Zentangle black tiles.



Mini White Charcoal Pencil
Charcoal Pencil for strings and highlighting black Zentangle tiles. Custom made,
artist quality, white charcoal pencil measures 3.5 inches long (89 mm) and has
a round, raw cedar barrel.



Tortillion-Pack of 12
Small rolled paper tool to smudge and feather pencil shading. Adding shading to your Zentangle creations adds dimension, contrast and interest.



Soapstone tapered white marker and shader.
$2 for one
$6 for a 4-Pack



Gifts for yourself and others


The Book of Zentangle
The first and only book currently published by Zentangle Founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. This is an all around must have for any Zentangle enthusiast. This book focuses on the back story, the philosophy, the method and the art of Zentangle. The perfect symmetry of amazing illustrations and poetic text.



The Zentangle Primer–Volume 1
This book is an “old-world” instructional written and illustrated by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It is simple in its delivery but with enough information to gently guide the novice, or enlighten the master. Working soley on white tiles with black ink, this book digs deep into the fundamentals of the Zentangle method and teaches the techniques and tools you need to take your Zentangle practice where you want.There are exercises at the end of each lesson, and where appropriate coordinated #hashtags so that readers can post their exercises to the Zentangle Mosaic app and share them in a world-wide mosaic.



Zentangle® Kit
A delightful collection of quality components and comprehensive instructions so you can begin creating beautiful art inspired by the Zentangle method.
34 Original Zentangle® 3.5” white tiles (89mm).
2 Pigma® Micron® Black 01 Pens
2 Mini Zentangle Pencils
1 Pencil Sharpener
1 Tortillon
1 Instruction Book & Companion DVD
1 Zentangle® Legend & Icosahedron



Zentangle Custom Glass Frame—With Stand
This Zentangle Custom Glass Frame comes with a matching leaded glass stand. Your Zentangle tile is beautifully presented and easily interchangeable.



Zentangle Custom Glass Zendala Frame
Custom handmade glass frame designed for Zentangle Zendala tile



Bijou Frame Set
Custom, hand-made frame for 2 x 2 inch Bijou Tile; comes in muslin pouch. Includes 2 Bijou Tiles and a Bijouism.



Coaster Puzzle-Set of 9 coasters
Nine coasters with original Zentangle art by Rick and Maria is also a fun puzzle.



Zentangle Travel Mug
Ceramic, double-walled, 14 ounce travel mug with Zentangle logo.



Zentangle Water Bottle
22 ounce metal water bottle is great for tangling!


Zentangle Apprentice Products


The Apprentice Pen (Pigma Pen 05)
This is the pen used in Classroom Pack #1. Sakura calls it the “Pigma 05″ but to avoid confusing it with a Pigma Micron 05, we will refer to it as the “Apprentice Pen.” This is an all around more economical pen and a good choice for those on a tight budget. A great pen for kids and those needing a stronger nib. It is similar to the Sensei in that it has the same type of ink and the same nib. However it has a different barrel and cap.
Each $1.80



Zentangle Apprentice Tiles
Pack of 140 Zentangle Apprentice tiles. (4.5 x 4.5 inch)



Zentangle Apprentice Classroom Pack
Zentangle Apprentice Classroom Pack #1 is designed to teach the Zentangle Method to youths in schools. Includes online lesson plan and additional support materials.